Iceman Lewis Gordon Pugh 1 X 60

Lewis Pugh has 10 seconds before he plunges into the freezing Arctic Ocean, where he swims a kilometre across Antarctica, wearing nothing but a Speedo and a swim cap, a feat never thought possible. ‘Ordinary’ humans would probably die within minutes in this icy water! How can his naked body cope with these conditions for so long? And why on earth would anyone want to do such a crazy thing?

This documentary provides a visual experience of Lewis as he swims to draw attention to the oceans and raise awareness about climate change. Ice Man documents the extraordinary physiological and psychological journey of Lewis’s long distance swims in the freezing waters of both the south and the North Pole. With the support of cutting edge science and an incredible ability to believe in himself he hopes to unify the potential of mind and body. He has gone where no one has gone before and achieved a new understanding of the human body.


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